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New sales record for DuProprio in 2018

Boosted by a very active market in 2018, DuProprio has set a new record by helping 20,850 Quebec homeowners sell their property. This is an 8% increase1 over 2017. “This is a team success for our 300 employees and our … Continue reading

«Peace of mind thanks to DuProprio»

Even though it was Marilyn Baril’s first experience selling a property, paying a commission was out of the question.  Her solution: Sell with DuProprio! Our team gathered her comments in order to get her opinion of DuProprio and to find … Continue reading

Congratulations to our “Tennis Addict” Contest winner!

Many DuProprio customers and tennis lovers participated in our contest and sent us great pictures of them posing with their sign and tennis items. Following a random draw, we are pleased to announce the grand prize winner. Congratulations to Francine … Continue reading

DuProprio headquarters to triple in size

DuProprio Triples the Size of its Headquarters in Quebec

DuProprio is expanding its headquarters in Quebec due to massive hiring and the need for more space. See what we’re up to! Continue reading

What is the best day to list your home for sale?

The Best Day to List a Home for Sale

Many sellers would like to know: when is the best day to list a home for sale? We have the answer, right here, for you. Continue reading

Attract buyers with pictures of your home

4 Ways to Attract Buyers with Pictures of Your Home

To better help you in your home sale, here are four ways to attract buyers with pictures of your home, straight from our DuProprio photographers. Continue reading

Factors that lower the price of your home

7 Factors That Lower the Price of Your Home

In order to get the best offer (read: best price) for your home, you must make sure your property is close to perfect. Keep these factors that will lower the price of your home and you can ensure that the best offer will come your way. Continue reading

Things home buyers hate

6 Things Home Buyers Hate

As a seller you want to really get “into the mind” of the buyer and present your listing in such a way that it is interesting and attractive – and there are a number of things that home buyers hate … Continue reading