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Do you have the right Quebec home insurance plan?

Do You Have the Right Quebec Home Insurance?

Whatever your situation, your Quebec home insurance policy should cover the property you own, no more, no less. This way, you could avoid paying for unnecessary premiums. Learn more. Continue reading

Martin Provencher - real estate author

Seminars Not to be Missed at the City & Suburb Home Show

While enjoying your visit at the City & Suburb Home Show , which opens Thursday, January 31, at the Olympic Stadium, why not attend some free seminars on housing and real estate? Continue reading

The City & Suburb Home Show

9 Reasons to Attend the 2013 City & Suburb Home Show

If you are debating about whether or not to attend 2013’s City & Suburb Home Show, here are 10 reasons why we think you will love it! Continue reading

DuProprio celebrates 15 years of commission-free real estate success!

DuProprio Celebrates 15 Years of Commission-Free Real Estate Success!

To celebrate its 15 years of commission-free real estate services, DuProprio relives its 15 greatest moments over the years. And we welcome you to share yours as well. Continue reading

DuProprio wins Boomerang Award for Online Website Service

DuProprio wins Boomerang Award for Online Website Service

DuProprio was honoured on November 29, 2012, at the Boomerang Awards ceremony, which was held at La Tohu in Montreal and recognizes the best websites and the best interactive marketing initiatives in Quebec. Continue reading

How often do Canadians move?

How Often Do Canadians Move?

How often to Canadians get the urge to move? The numbers will shock you. What’s more, the amount of commission one could end up spending is astronomical. Continue reading

DuProprio headquarters to triple in size

DuProprio Triples the Size of its Headquarters in Quebec

DuProprio is expanding its headquarters in Quebec due to massive hiring and the need for more space. See what we’re up to! Continue reading

Where to find affordable condos in Montreal

Where are the Most Affordable Condos in Montreal?

By taking a closer look at the data, it’s plain to see that there are still some great, reasonably priced condos available in Montreal. Continue reading

Montreal statistics 2012

How Is Montreal Doing? A Glance at 2012 Statistics

How does Montreal stack up in terms of economic strength, institutional effectiveness, social and cultural character, and global appeal? Find out. Continue reading