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Wood heating and insurance: 4 things you need to know!

Do you use wood to heat your home, or thinking of doing so? What kind of impact can it have on your home insurance and how can you make sure that it’s installed and maintained safely? Here are a few … Continue reading

6 condo insurance facts

It’s not always easy to understand how insurance works when you’re in a condo. How can you ensure you have enough coverage? What is covered under the different types of insurance? Here’s some information taken from the free ebook published … Continue reading

Having problems with neighbours in your condo building? Your insurance can help

The neighbour’s dog barked all night. Condo owners’ rules are crystal clear: dogs are not allowed, and you have already told your neighbour about this rule, but to no avail. Taking it up with the condominium syndicate didn’t resolve anything, … Continue reading

12 tips for preventing water damage to your home

Water damage leads to billions of dollars of insurance claims in Canada every year and causes anxiety and headaches for the affected homeowners. Fortunately, certain types of water damage can be prevented or the damage to your property can be … Continue reading

At DuProprio, what matters most is our clients!

  From October 3 to 9, DuProprio is celebrating Customer Service Week. As our clients well know, at DuProprio customer service is king. We never lose sight of our mission, which is to help owners sell their property without an … Continue reading

4 tips on home insurance when renting with Airbnb or HomeAway

Airbnb and HomeAway are popular platforms for short-term home rentals. In addition to allowing travellers to experience life as it’s lived at their destination for an affordable price, these platforms are also popular with homeowners who can take advantage of … Continue reading

Brigitte Lafleur sells her 4th house with the help of DuProprio!

Brigitte Lafleur couldn’t be happier. Her gorgeous property in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, the one that had been on the market for almost 7 years when she bought it and renovated it as part of the home reno TV show Comment rénover quand … Continue reading

Electric space heating: handle with care!

Sometimes on really cold days central heating just can’t do the job. That’s when you feel the need for backup electric heat. Portable electric radiators and space heaters can certainly make you more comfortable. Provided they’re used properly. Backup means … Continue reading

What exactly is the reconstruction value of my home?

When you are trying to get the right insurance coverage for your home, should you use the purchase price, its current market value, your municipal tax assessment, or the reconstruction cost? For home insurance, the “reconstruction value” determines your insurance … Continue reading

Customer Service Week: DuProprio’s president addresses a letter to his team

                      For Customer Service Week, DuProprio’s president and Chief Executive Officer sent the following letter to his team: Hello everyone, As you know, this week is a very special week … Continue reading