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3 tips to prepare your home before selling

When you’re considering selling your home, it’s important to make it as enticing to buyers as possible. You don’t need to spend tons of time preparing, but be aware that a clean and tidy home that’s in good condition will … Continue reading

“The selling process was fast, simple and effective!”

The appeal behind selling a home yourself is generally saving thousands of dollars and staying in control throughout the process. These benefits are well known. But often, when people first consider this option, they are also afraid of being all … Continue reading

5-part breakdown of the Offer to Purchase

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Someone wants to make an offer on your home! The Offer to Purchase is a contract that binds you to the buyer and is required by the notary to prepare the … Continue reading

5 factors that impact selling time

Several things can affect how much time it takes for a property to sell. Even though each owner has the power to influence the selling time in various ways, some aspects are outside their control. DuProprio’s real estate coaches have … Continue reading

Bruny Surin chooses DuProprio to sell his condo

Bruny Surin knows exactly what it takes to succeed. This Montrealer, the Olympic gold medalist turned entrepreneur, knows that dedication and perseverance are essential to reaching his dreams. Selling a property is a little like running. You have to prepare, … Continue reading

4 steps to selling your home

Changing jobs? Expecting an addition to the family? Kids left the nest? It may be time to sell the house and start a new chapter! Because it happens so infrequently in life, a real-estate transaction can be scary. But in … Continue reading

3 principles to know when setting your asking price

It can’t be said often enough: setting a good asking price is the key to success when selling real estate. The price must be justified and competitive to get the most from your property sale. And it’s really not that … Continue reading

Five tips to protect your watercraft from theft

Did you know that theft is the leading cause of insurance claims among Quebec watercraft owners? With sky-high resale values for used watercraft parts, it’s no wonder they’re so sought-after by thieves. Here are a few tips taken from La … Continue reading

A guide to estate settlement in situations where there is no will

Has one of your loved ones died without a will? In spite of the sad circumstances, a number of steps must be taken to settle the deceased’s estate. Here is some advice taken from La Capitale’s blog that should make the … Continue reading

9 Tips for Home Sale Visits

Home sale visits allow sellers and potential buyers to meet and discuss a property in hopes of coming to an agreement. In order to take full advantage of an open house here are nine tips for home sale visits. Continue reading