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4 pointers to create a perfect ambiance for home visits

A house will sell when it seems like a smart purchase and it meets the buyer’s needs. However, to help a potential buyer decide to submit an offer to purchase, you have to do everything you can to make your … Continue reading

6 ways to purify your decor

When it comes to homes, those that are surrounded by “stuff” tend to fee more stressed out. Why? Well, a disorganized home gives people a sense of uneasiness and confusion. And it makes puppies sad. “Clutter is something you’ve kept … Continue reading

3 tips to prepare your home before selling

When you’re considering selling your home, it’s important to make it as enticing to buyers as possible. You don’t need to spend tons of time preparing, but be aware that a clean and tidy home that’s in good condition will … Continue reading

How to get an on-trend bathroom in 10 easy steps!

To help you make your dream bathroom a reality, Les Idées de ma maison has put together a list of 10 styles that you can use as inspiration. 1. Free-floating furniture Free-floating bathroom vanities are in. Support legs are out! … Continue reading

10 dream kitchens that will make you say “wow”!

Whether you like spacious, quaint, modern, rustic, luxurious or simply practical, the kitchen is a room where one enjoys time with family and an area that has a central importance in the home. Think of all the time you spend … Continue reading

Tips for decorating your first condo

4 Tips for Decorating Your First Condo

Before you go ahead and let loose spending money, make a serious plan and use these recommendations that will help you make good choices in terms of tips for decorating your first condo. Continue reading