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Sources for buying a first home

5 Sources For Buying A First Home

There are certain resources you should turn to for trusted advice when you’re considering purchasing your first property in order to arm yourself with as much info as possible – after all, buying a first home is all about being proactive. Continue reading

Ways to get money for a home down payment

5 Ways To Get Money For A Home Down Payment

Buying your own home is a great investment, but potential homeowners need to be able to put down at least 5%. Here, now, are 5 ways to get the money needed for a home down payment. Continue reading

When's the best time to buy a home in Quebec?

When is the Best Time to Buy a home?

There’s no two ways around it: owning as opposed to renting is an investment, and your regular payments are finally going toward the ownership of something substantial. But can you afford it? Continue reading

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying or Selling A Home

A home is the biggest single item you’ll ever buy or sell, and it’s a huge undertaking – there’s a lot to know as well as common mistakes to avoid when buying or selling a home. Find out what they are. Continue reading