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How to save for a down payment?

You wish to buy a house, but you are wondering how to save the thousand dollars you need for a down payment? At first sight, we know it doesn’t seem easy. However, when you analyze the situation, workable solutions appear. … Continue reading

5 Steps for Picking the Right Neighborhood

It comes as no surprise that when it comes to real estate, choosing the right neighborhood is critical. It will determine whether your property will gain little, a lot or no value in the coming years. But how does one … Continue reading

6 Parts of an Offer to Purchase

  You’ve spent a lot of time going to open houses and surfing the net looking over homes that you want to buy and you have finally found “the one.” So what happens now? Well, it’s time to make an … Continue reading

Making An Offer on a Home

When it comes to buying a home, it’s pretty clear that making an offer that is merely verbal simply does not fly. That is why, when it comes to making an offer, you need to enter into a written contract … Continue reading

Mortgage glossary for first-time homebuyers

Mortgage glossary for first-time homebuyers

Buying a property requires you to first become familiar with some new terms that you may not otherwise consider – such as the mortgage glossary for first-time homebuyers. Continue reading

8 Contract Conditions For Homebuyers

Even though there could be many conditions that can be placed on a purchase contract by homebuyers, the majority of contract conditions include the following: Contract conditions in an Offer to Purchase: 1. Financing: When the buyer needs to obtain … Continue reading

Quebec City Neighborhoods for First Time Home Buyers

6 Best Neighborhoods in Quebec City for First-Time Home Buyers

Quebec City is home to many beautiful, historic, and exciting neighborhoods. Depending on your priorities and values, you will find one exactly right for you as a first-time buyer. Quebec is a very safe city by most standards. In fact, … Continue reading

6 Things To Do When You Move Into a New Home

Congratulations! You have moved into a new home and are ready to start a new chapter of life. Moving can be very overwhelming, and it can be stressful even through the first few weeks that you’re in your new home. … Continue reading

9 Advantages of Buying a New Property

9 Advantages of Buying a New Property

Are you unsure about whether to buy a new property or to turn towards the resale market? Other than the purchase price, there are a number of differences to consider before making such a decision. Let’s go over the advantages … Continue reading

7 Tips on How to Buy Property Abroad

7 Tips for How to Buy Property Abroad

Canadians are buying more and more property abroad.  When handled well, there are opportunities to find a dream second home or make a savvy property investment at a great price. Here are 7 useful tips on how to buy property … Continue reading