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Buying a property in Quebec in 5 steps

The steps to becoming a homeowner are not the same everywhere you go. Just within Canadian borders, these steps vary from one province to the next. Let’s go over the main steps people looking to purchase a property in Quebec … Continue reading

Become a moving pro

The best way to have your moving day go smoothly is to be well-prepared. Turn a stressful, tiring day into a productive one with these tips. They will help you work efficiently and get settled into your new home as … Continue reading

20 questions to ask homeowners

Homeowners know their house best. To make sure that a property really meets your needs and is in good condition, you should feel free to ask the owners certain questions. “Several of the answers may already be in the listing, … Continue reading

3 recurrent conditions in an offer to purchase

There are a number of common conditions in an offer to purchase a property that must be adhered to, whether you’re buying a house or a condo. Until each and every one of those conditions has been met (and in … Continue reading

5 tips for visiting a home efficiently

Visiting a home is a natural step in the process of buying a property. Not only do you have to check whether it’s in good condition, but you also have to determine whether it meets your needs. “Don’t forget that … Continue reading

Going from renter to homeowner: How much does it cost?

Have you outgrown your apartment? Becoming a homeowner might be the solution. But you should be aware that this change will require a certain investment. “Before starting to look for your dream property or thinking about a possession date, you’re … Continue reading

Establishing the value of a house without a municipal assessment

It may be tempting—for buyers and sellers—to use the municipal assessment to judge a property’s asking price. But in reality, this information is only useful to determine the amount of municipal tax that the future owner will have to pay. … Continue reading

Who pays for what at the notary’s?

The final, compulsory step in every real estate transaction in Quebec takes place at the notary’s office. This is when the buyer and the seller formally confirm the bill of sale. And often during this appointment, the house keys are … Continue reading

4 points to negotiate when buying a home 

When preparing to write the Offer to Purchase for a home, the buyer must talk with the owner and reach an agreement on various points.  It’s in the best interest of both parties to remain objective and level-headed. The goal … Continue reading

5 facts you should know about protection

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that doing business with a real estate broker will protect them from any number of situations. But in fact, all real estate transactions get exactly the same legal protection. There is a lot of confusion about … Continue reading