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5 ways to market your house for sale through social media

If you use different modes of social media like Facebook or Twitter, you could take advantage of such tools in order to give more visibility to your property listing. Here are four ways to market your house for sale through … Continue reading

The advantages of selling commission-free in a fast-moving market

The real estate market in the Montréal region has been extremely lively over the last few months. The number of properties sold with the help of DuProprio reached a record high in 2018, and the inventory is at its lowest … Continue reading

Become a moving pro

The best way to have your moving day go smoothly is to be well-prepared. Turn a stressful, tiring day into a productive one with these tips. They will help you work efficiently and get settled into your new home as … Continue reading

7 mistakes to avoid when holding an open house

It’s child’s play to hold a successful open house, so long as you properly prepare for it. We might overlook some details because we live there every day, but potential buyers won’t miss them! And these might create a false … Continue reading

20 questions to ask homeowners

Homeowners know their house best. To make sure that a property really meets your needs and is in good condition, you should feel free to ask the owners certain questions. “Several of the answers may already be in the listing, … Continue reading

4 pointers to create a perfect ambiance for home visits

A house will sell when it seems like a smart purchase and it meets the buyer’s needs. However, to help a potential buyer decide to submit an offer to purchase, you have to do everything you can to make your … Continue reading

List on DuProprio now, but pay later!

It’s now more affordable than ever to sell with the help of the DuProprio team and to keep the commission for yourself. Our new clients will now be able to benefit from our services, without making any payments or paying … Continue reading

3 recurrent conditions in an offer to purchase

There are a number of common conditions in an offer to purchase a property that must be adhered to, whether you’re buying a house or a condo. Until each and every one of those conditions has been met (and in … Continue reading

5 tips for visiting a home efficiently

Visiting a home is a natural step in the process of buying a property. Not only do you have to check whether it’s in good condition, but you also have to determine whether it meets your needs. “Don’t forget that … Continue reading

Filling out the “Declaration of the Seller” in Complete Transparency

The “Declaration of the Seller” form is a tool owners use to give an overview of their house and property upon selling it. This document gives potential buyers important information about the property’s condition. “It only takes a few minutes … Continue reading