Spring cleaning: A 10-point checklist for homeowners

When the snow melts and the sun is out, do you feel re-energized? That’s good, because if you’re a homeowner, nice weather means it’s time for spring cleaning!

Here’s what you need to check to reduce the risk of damage to your property according to La Capitale’s blog.

1. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Change the batteries and check that the devices are in good working order. They have a lifespan of 10 years and should be replaced after that.

2. Non-return valve

Check that it is in good working order; it’s located in the basement. Many insurers recommend that they be installed in the home insurance.

3. Household appliances

  • Check the air vents of the dryer, range hood, ventilators and air exchanger, and remove any residue that could obstruct the
  • Empty the central vacuum cannister.
  • Check that the hoses of the central vacuum and the pipes of the dishwasher are in good condition. Replace or repair any damaged parts of these appliances.
  • Clean the range hood and air exchanger Doing so will make these appliances more efficient and, in the case of the range hood, reduce the risk of fire due to accumulated grease residue.

4. Windows

Clean them, oil the mechanisms and check joint sealings. Repair any sealings that are not in good condition.

5.Exterior faucets

Turn on the exterior water supply once any risk of freezing has passed and check the sealants. Ensure that water is not seeping from them into the basement.

6. Foundation and exterior walls

Have any cracks in the foundation promptly repaired by a specialist and repair any damage to exterior walls to prevent vermin and water from entering.


Ensure they are not blocked, are solidly attached and are directing water at least six feet away from the foundations.If necessary, clear and them and install baffles to direct water further away from the foundations.

8. Roof

Inspect it and have any shingles, flashing or sealing joints repaired if they are not in good condition.

9. Chimney

Have it swept and inspected. Clean your heating unit.

10. Trees

Have branches that are too close to the house or to electric wires removed by a professional arborist.

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