3 reasons to put a property up for sale in December

Don’t wait till January to put your home up for sale. Take advantage of the holiday period to get broad exposure and to let family and loved ones know your plans.

Keep in mind that a property can sell at any time of year. The buyers who want to occupy a new home before July 1st will soon be getting very busy. Don’t wait to go on the market!

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  1. Time for viewing

People get out of the house more at this time of year. So it’s a good time to get more exposure in your neighborhood. A well-positioned DuProprio sign will attract buyers, who happen to have more time to view homes right now.

And family gatherings are excellent opportunities to talk about the sale of your home. Starting a word-of-mouth campaign through the people you know can really pay off.

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  1. New resolutions

As we move into the New Year, people make resolutions. They think about changes they want to make, such as buying a home. This is an opportunity for sellers, because buyers are motivated, serious and excited to take action.

  1. Less competition

For many owners, winter doesn’t have the reputation of being the best or easiest for selling a home. But it can work to the advantage of the sellers who give it a try. The fewer people are on the market, the better your chances of standing out from the competition.

Also, experts are predicting that mortgage rates will keep increasing in 2019. In Quebec, these hikes haven’t yet had a big impact on the real estate market. But they could influence demand and selling times over the coming months.

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