5 ways to prevent your Halloween from turning into a nightmare

Whether you see Halloween as a fun night or a night to avoid, this popular event surely can liven up a late October evening!

The jack-o’-lanterns and other decorations, excited trick-or-treaters and frequent trips to answer the doorbell all contribute to a spooktacular evening, but they also increase the risks of accidents and auto or home insurance claims. Here are some tips from La Capitale’s blog on how to prevent your Halloween from turning into a nightmare.

  1. Choose a costume that’s visible and not bulky

Here are some Halloween costume safety tips from the Canadian Red Cross.

  • Kids need to be easy to see. Costumes should be light-coloured and have reflective strips.
  • Kids need to be able to see and hear well. No masks or hoods.
  • Costumes should be fairly short, to prevent tripping.
  1. Use safe decorations

A few simple precautions could enable you to ensure that no one is injured or sustains property damage for which you would be liable.

  • Use LED candles inside your jack-o-lanterns to reduce the risk of fire or burns.
  • Choose decorations that don’t clutter up the walkway and don’t have cords or ribbons at the ground level.
  • Secure extension cords and electric wires by keeping them away from high-traffic areas. Ideally, you should place them along the side of your house.
  • Attach outside decorations securely, and make sure they are weatherproof.
  1. Prepare the passageway

Just before the little monsters start to ring your doorbell, make sure the entryway is safe:

  • Turn on the porch light.
  • Clear away any leaves or branches.
  1. Remind your children of the safety rules to follow while trick-or-treating

Here are some recommendations from the Canadian Red Cross:

  • Make sure young children are always accompanied by an adult.
  • Trick-or-treaters old enough to not need to be accompanied by an adult should travel in groups of four or five.
  • Before leaving home, set a route for the kids and have them agree on a curfew.
  • Give each child a flashlight with new batteries.
  • Give the following instructions:
    • Stay on sidewalks, and stop at houses on one side of the street at a time.
    • Cross the street at crosswalks and only after looking both ways to check for traffic.
    • Never go into the house or car of someone you don’t know.
    • Only ring the doorbell if the light is on.
    • Don’t start eating the treats until a parent has checked them out.
    • Always stay well away from candles or flames, as some costumes are made of materials that can catch fire easily.
  1. Be very vigilant if driving on Halloween night

Run out of treats? Trying to make a getaway so you can have dinner out? On your way to a costume party? In all these cases, if you find yourself behind the wheel that evening, slow down and be extra vigilant, especially in residential neighbourhoods!

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