Five tips to protect your watercraft from theft

Did you know that theft is the leading cause of insurance claims among Quebec watercraft owners? With sky-high resale values for used watercraft parts, it’s no wonder they’re so sought-after by thieves. Here are a few tips taken from La Capitale’s blog to protect your watercraft from theft.

  1. Hide your watercraft or keep it in inaccessible areas

When not in use or on its trailer, ideally, you should keep your watercraft in an area that is not visible to passersby, such as a closed and locked garage or a yard that is completely fenced off.

If you must leave your watercraft in your driveway, park another vehicle between the trailer and the public road to prevent thieves from moving it.

  1. Secure your trailer

To reduce the risk of theft while your watercraft is hitched to the trailer, try the following:

  • Install a coupler lock on your trailer hitch designed specifically to secure it.
  • Also weld the trailer hitch to the chassis or screw it on using anti-theft screws.
  1. Secure your equipment and accessories too by fastening them to your watercraft or taking them with you when you leave.

For example, if your watercraft is equipped with an inboard/outboard motor, fasten it by installing an anti-theft locking ring on the motor shaft, like alloy wheels on cars

  1. Selling? Don’t attract would-be thieves!

Ask potential buyers to contact you by email or on your mobile device. Never provide your home phone number.

Thieves use online classified ads to locate items they can steal and resell. If you publish your home number, all they have to do is perform an online search to find your home address, and quite possibly, your watercraft!

  1. Have a tracking system installed

This system won’t prevent your watercraft from getting stolen, but it will help the police track it in the event of theft!

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