5 tricks to protect your bike from thieves

Do you get on your bike at the first sign of nice weather? Whether it’s your passion for cycling, the great outdoors or to avoid traffic during rush hour, all bicycle enthusiasts share a common foe: thieves!

Here is some advice taken from La Capitale’s blog to help put a stop to theft and reduce inconveniences to you in the event your bike is stolen.

  1. Always lock your bike and do it properly 

Stealing a bike takes just a few seconds. Always lock your bike before you leave it unattended. Here’s how to do it efficiently:

  • Purchase one or two U-shaped locks. Don’t hesitate to spend a little more and buy higher quality locks, which are more resistant to the tools of would-be thieves.
  • Lock the frame and the tires to a solid, well-anchored base (avoid fences, tree trunks with a diameter of less than 10 cm, poles that can be lifted along with the bike).
  1. Choose safe locations

The best place to lock your bike? Inside a building!

If your only option is to lock it outdoors, choose busier areas that are well-lit. Would-be thieves would be much less likely to target your bike if they run the risk of being caught in the act!

  1. Make your bike less tempting
  • Don’t leave any accessories or parts on the bike that can easily be removed (specifically pieces that are attached with a quick release mechanism).
  • Hide popular or high-quality name brands or logos that appear on the bike or even on parts.
  1. Check if your bike is adequately insured

Bicycles are normally covered under home insurance. However, the coverage included in basic contracts varies from one insurer to the next. If you have a valuable bike or several bikes, you should know that certain home insurance coverages include complete bicycle coverage for free. Regardless of how much your bikes are worth, they can be covered for free against fire, theft, vandalism, breakage that occurs in transit or in a collision with a vehicle or another bike. It’s worth your while to find out!

  1. Increase the likelihood of finding your bike if it is ever stolen
  • Keep your bike’s receipt in your files.
  • The majority of bikes bear a serial number. Keep the serial number in your files, or register it in a registry such as Vélo Retour.
  • Go to your local police station to have your bike engraved.

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