Car insurance renewal checklist


Do you know what your obligations are when you receive a renewal notice for your auto insurance?

The Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) and the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) advise consumers to take advantage of this notice to update their information and check that their coverage and premiums are still appropriate. To find out what changes you should inform your insurer about, here’s a checklist from the La Capitale blog.

  1. New employment status

Have you changed jobs or employers? Are you retired or on a long-term leave from work? In addition to your occupation, your employer and the annual mileage for travelling to work affect your premiums.

  1. Moving

Has one of the vehicle drivers moved? For example, is one of your children staying in another city during the school year, whether or not he or she is using your vehicle?

  1. Changes to vehicle use
  • Have you stopped using the vehicle to go to work?
  • Are you driving your vehicle for Uber or for your job?
  • Do you drive outside of Quebec with your vehicle?
  1. Changes to drivers

Have some drivers stopped using the vehicle or do they use it less frequently? Are new drivers using it?

  1. Suspended licence or violation of the Highway Safety Code

If one of the drivers’ licences has been suspended or one of the drivers has been found guilty of an offence, you must report this to your insurer.

  1. Modifications to a vehicle

Have you installed or removed accessories or equipment that increase the value of your car?

  1. Storing your vehicle and putting it back on the road

Do you use your vehicle on a seasonal basis? Don’t forget to adjust your coverage each time you store it or take it out of storage!

  1. Frequent use of rentals

Do you often rent vehicles for short-term use? Your insurer can tell you if it would be advantageous for you to add an endorsement to your car insurance to avoid paying rental company insurance fees.

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