Home Automation Will Make Your Life Easier

By 2019, a projected 38.2 million North American households are expected to have smart home systems. There’s no reason to wait, since today’s home automation technology is easy to use, affordable, professionally installed.  It can allow you to control your entire home from one mobile app.

Here are three ways home automation can make your life more convenient:

Secured Smart Locks

Instead of risking losing your keys or giving away spare keys to babysitters, contractors, house cleaners, dog walkers or hiding a key under a mat or in a fake rock on the front porch (and risking your home’s security in the process), secured smart locks let you lock your doors and disarm your security system, or unlock your doors and arm your security system, remotely whenever you want with the push of a button on your smart phone app.

Wireless Cameras Integrated with your Security System

Remote access security cameras offer several benefits. In addition to being able to log in and check on things from anywhere using your smartphone or laptop, your home will be more secure since you will automatically receive clips when key events happen such as when your alarm system is triggered. If someone attempts to break in, steals a package, or vandalizes your home, you will have video footage of the crime.  The new secured cameras are now equipped with an intercom enabling you to communicate through the camera.

If you incorporate a secured doorbell camera you can see who is at your door, speak to them over an intercom and decide whether or not to unlock your door and disarm your system.

Integrated Smart Lightening and HVAC Control with your Security System

Perhaps the most convenient feature of smart home technology is automated heating and air conditioning. You can set your temperature controls on a pre-scheduled basis and change them whenever you feel like it, whether you’re home or away. With the integration with your security system, you can program geo fencing rules or scenes on your app to automatically change your temperature when leaving the home or coming back to your home, avoiding wasting energy or coming home to an uncomfortably cold or hot home. You can create similar rules and scenes when integrating Smart lighting with your security System (turn off my lights when I leave the home for example).


Whether you decide to automate your entire home, or simply incorporate two or three smart home features, integrating automation with your security system is a great way to make your home more functional, convenient and safe.  We are aware that Do It Yourself (DIY) smart home products can be a challenge for many, therefore a professional installation by a Security and Automation company like Fluent Home offers a hassle-free experience. There is also a peace of mind that comes from the lifetime warranty on equipment installed. Fluent Home automation services integrated with your security system offers a variety of features into one app or control panel, so you can control your home’s lighting, temperature, locks, video, water shut off valve and more to have everything work together at the push of one button on your smart phone app. You don’t need to deal with that nagging feeling of insecurity anymore. Safety and convenience for your loved ones and a stress-free future for you is just a click away!

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