Going on vacation? Prepare your home for your departure!

Leaving your home unoccupied while you go on vacation? To avoid unpleasant surprises when you return, follow the tips taken from La Capitale’s blog on how to keep would-be burglars at bay and reduce the risk of fires while you’re away.

Notify your insurer of your absence and while you’re at it, ask if you need to take any specific precautions to retain your coverage during your absence.


Ask someone you trust to visit your house frequently.

That person should have your contact information while you’re away, and also the name and contact information of your insurer and your home insurance policy number.


Also ask this person to:

  • Move your vehicle from time to time or park his or her vehicle in your driveway on occasion
  • Open and close curtains
  • Take out your trash or recycling bin when needed and pick them back up after they are collected
  • Pick up your mail


Good to know:

  • The majority of home insurance contracts don’t cover damage that occurs while the home is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days, unless someone you trust checks in on your home once a week.
  • During winter, if no one stops by your unoccupied residence regularly and damage is caused due to freezing, your insurer may refuse to cover the damage.


Can’t find anyone to watch over your home while you’re away? Take the following precautions before you leave:

  • During winter, make sure you leave your heating on to prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Shut off the water supply and drain all the pipes, whatever the season.


Make sure your grounds are well maintained. Have your lawn mowed or your front entry shovelled.


Use timers to turn lights on and off at the same time as you would if you were home. You can also use a timer to turn on the radio.


Be discrete.

  • Remember that the information you put out there can come to the attention of ill-intentioned people.
  • Don’t share details of your upcoming trip on social media, even if you feel like screaming it from the rooftops. Also, don’t advertise the fact that you’re not home while you’re on vacation. Basically, it’s best to wait until you’ve returned home before sharing photos and stories online.
  • You should also make no mention of your absence in your voice mail message.


Close your windows properly and lock your doors, including your storage space and garage. Use bars or pieces of wood to block sliding and French windows.


Activate your alarm system if you have one. If it’s connected to to a central monitoring station, notify them of your absence and provide them the contact information of the person you will trust to watch over your home.


Bon voyage!


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