Roof maintenance and home insurance: 4 steps to take

Not many people like to climb on to the roof of their homes. It is still a worthwhile exercise to help prevent damage, home insurance claims and all the problems they could cause. The La Capitale blog team explains what you need to do.

1. Examine your roof carefully twice a year.

  • Outside:
    • Make sure the soffits are not blocked and they allow air to circulate.
    • Locate damaged vents and joint sealings and replace them to prevent water from entering.
    • Check for protruding nails. If you find any, hammer them back down.
    • Clear the gutters of debris to prevent water from seeping through the roof.
    • Inspect the asphalt shingles on all sides of the roof. If any are damaged, warped or peeled off, or if you spot black stains or foam, call a specialist who can determine if there are any more serious problems or confirm the steps you should take to prevent them.
  • Inside:
    • Check the exhaust ducts in your attic to make sure they are well insulated.

2. During the winter, have accumulated snow and ice removed from your roof.

This will prevent the roof from collapsing under its own weight. Removing snow and de-icing can be dangerous, so follow the recommendations from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBC) or hire a trained professional who is equipped to do the work.

3. If your roof surface is over 20 years old, have it inspected by a specialist.

4. Did you recently change the surface of your roof? 

Call your insurance representative to let him or her know! You might see a decrease in your home insurance premium.


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