Choosing the plan of your dreams

Building a house is one of life’s most important projects. And searching for the ideal plan, although fun and exciting, can be a lengthy and daunting task. How to choose among so many available plans? Here is some useful advice that will help you simplify your search.

Current regulations

Before looking at plans, start by checking the current regulations with the municipality where the house will be built. That’s where you’ll get the information you need according to the land you purchased, and where you’ll learn about maximum dimensions, urban planning constraints (e.g. two storeys, façade with 75% masonry, etc.)

Once you’ve verified the legal details, we recommend you make a list of the rooms you’ll need to be comfortable in your new house along with their ideal dimensions. Tip: Measure the rooms and the furniture in your current house in order to better visualize the space you’ll need.

Plan it out carefully

Don’t forget that building a house is a substantial investment. In order to avoid disappointments later on, add precise specifications to your list, such as ceiling heights and the dimensions of open areas.

Next, visit the land you purchased at different times of day. This will allow you to see the sun’s path in the sky throughout the day and to better plan the rooms’ exposure.


Putting together a budget is another important step. You really should meet with a financial advisor. Don’t forget to include additional amounts for landscaping and interior decorating.


You’re now ready to shop at Planimage with your list in hand and look for that ideal plan among the 2,500 plans available! Know that all of our plans can be modified. You have found the ideal house, but you would like to add a garage? The kitchen is a bit too small for you? No problem! Contact us, and we will generate a modified plan according to your needs, so that you can have your dream home built!

By Geneviève Ayotte, Planimage technologist

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