Having problems with neighbours in your condo building? Your insurance can help

The neighbour’s dog barked all night. Condo owners’ rules are crystal clear: dogs are not allowed, and you have already told your neighbour about this rule, but to no avail. Taking it up with the condominium syndicate didn’t resolve anything, either. Who can you turn to now?

Legal Access insurance, when added to your condo insurance, can be very helpful. Here are a few more details on the subject taken from the La Capitale blog!

Using the services of a lawyer to find a solution

To settle a problem with a neighbour, you may need a lawyer. Lawyers can advise you on which steps should be taken and help you find a solution to your problems.

Their support and know-how will help you get your message across to your neighbour and the condominium syndicate. Lawyers can help you write and send formal demands to ensure the rules in the Declaration of co-ownership are being enforced. If need be, the lawyer can also help you take more significant steps toward a quick and efficient resolution.

Insurance that lets you consult the lawyer of your choice, without having to pay all the costs yourself

Don’t wait for trouble to find you! Protect yourself with Legal Access Insurance before you have any problems.

Offered as a complement to home or auto insurance, it can help you avoid many problems for a low fee. With Legal Access insurance, you have access to a lawyer of your choice without paying all the fees. You are reimbursed for certain legal expenses and you get free expert advice.

Offered by La Capitale for only $1 a week, Legal Access Insurance is the ideal complement to your home insurance for condominium owners!

Take advantage of the new partnership with La Capitale!

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