9 Tips for Home Sale Visits

Home sale visits allow sellers and potential buyers to meet and discuss a property in hopes of coming to an agreement. While our services offer a comprehensive overview of your home listing online, home sale visits are a great opportunity to get to know who your possible buyer is and what they are looking for.

In order to take full advantage of an open house here are 9 tips for home sale visits.

Tips for home sale visits #1

Be available for questions
One of the main reasons home buyers go to home sale visits is so that they can ask questions, so it’s important that you’re present and ready to respond to any and all inquiries.

Tips for home sale visits #2

Set the rules of the visit
This is still your home, so if you want people to take their shoes off when entering your home, it’s okay to say so. Determine pre-set visiting hours and only allow buyers to come in during those specific times.

Tips for home sale visits #3

Decide if it’s a guided visit or not
Some buyers feel more comfortable wandering around an open house solo while others would prefer to be given a tour. Ask visitors what their preference is when they come in. If you’re expecting several people at once, reach out to friends and family for help in playing host.

Tips for home sale visits #4

Ask them what they’re looking for
Open house visitors show up at home sale visits with particular wish lists in mind, so if you want to figure out what type of home buyer you are dealing with, be sure to ask them exactly what they’re looking for. Are they a younger couple looking for a fixer-upper or a family in search of a move-in-ready property? Find out what their needs are.

Tips for home sale visits #5

Invite them to see the exterior, basement, storage, and garage
Don’t just meander around the house showing buyers the main living areas – you also want to show them the smaller, lesser seen spaces, such as the basement (whether it’s finished or not), the garage, and any storage spaces such as under the stairs or in a crawlspace. Sometimes these utilitarian areas are major selling points at home sale visits.

Tips for home sale visits #6

Talk about the things you can’t see
If you have new electrical or plumbing work, tell your visitors. The same goes for any feature of your home that may not be visible but still holds a lot of value.

Tips for home sale visits #7

Ask if they have any questions
At the end of the home tour talk things over with the buyer. Is there anything else they’d like to know? Nine times out of 10, they’ll have a few more queries.

Tips for home sale visits #8

Explain the selling process to the visitors
Make buying all the easier on your buyer and encourage them to use our Buyer’s Guide, which you can download from our website. It explains everything involved in the selling process.

Tips for home sale visits #9

Indicate your availability for a second visit
Before you wrap up your home sale visits, let your visitors know when you’ll be free for a second visit, whether it be to see the property again or have it inspected. It’s the perfect send-off.

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