13 safety tips for Christmas trees


The holiday season is an ideal time for getting together with family and friends around the Christmas tree! But did you know that Christmas trees cause many home insurance claims every year? Here are some tips from the La Capitale blog so you can make merry safely!

The tree

  1. Opt for an artificial fire resistant tree. Even though it costs more to purchase, an artificial tree is cost-effective over the long term, plus you get peace of mind since it’s safer.

You can’t imagine the holidays without the smell of a real tree? Then take the necessary precautions:

  1. Choose the least dry tree you find and buy it less than 14 days before Christmas.
  2. Don’t put it close to a heat source (heating ventilation duct, radiator, stove, fireplace, lighted candles, etc.).
  3. Ensure that emergency exits (doors or windows) are not blocked.
  4. Make sure the tree has a secure base.
  5. Water it every day.
  6. After the holidays, promptly take the decorations off the tree and take it out of the house. Keep the dry tree far from your home, shed and garage to minimize the risk of fire. Dry trees can rapidly burst into flames, so it’s best to be cautious!

Christmas lights

The lights you decorate your tree with also present risks. Take the time to examine them every year and then decorate your tree safely:

  1. Use lights approved by a recognized agency (CSA or UL) that are designed for use inside.
  2. Throw out any sets of lights that have broken bulb holders.
  3. Check the electric wires and extension cords and throw out any damaged ones, those where the wires are exposed or the connections are too loose.
  4. Don’t put any electric wires in doorways or under carpets.
  5. Don’t overload electric outlets. Use a power strip or several outlets when you have more than one set of lights.
  6. Turn off all lighted decorations before going to bed or going out.


Have happy and safe holidays!


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