Brigitte Lafleur sells her 4th house with the help of DuProprio!


Brigitte Lafleur couldn’t be happier. Her gorgeous property in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, the one that had been on the market for almost 7 years when she bought it and renovated it as part of the home reno TV show Comment rénover quand on mène une vie de fou…has sold! And in just 1 month!

“I knew I would be able to sell with DuProprio, just like I did with the three previous properties. But I’ll admit that once again, I was impressed by how quickly the transaction went through. Everything clicked immediately with the buyer, and the transaction went smoothly. It’s a real advantage being able to deal directly with people.

A satisfied customer, Brigitte?

“Absolutely! It’s such a pleasure dealing with DuProprio. From the moment you list your property, you feel like the entire team truly cares about helping you sell. You’re treated like royalty. If you have a question, you call the toll-free number and they immediately put you in touch with the right person, whether it’s a customer service specialist a real estate coach or a notary.”

A piece of advice for anyone who’s unsure

Real estate agent or DuProprio…? Do you have any advice for owners who can’t decide how to sell their property? “You need information to make the right decision. I advise anyone who’s unsure about going with DuProprio to attend a free info session; it’s a must! I attended an info session in Laval in the spring, and I came away very excited, even though I already knew the whole process. The presentation was dynamic and clear, and there was no pressure. In one hour, you learn everything you need to know about selling without an intermediary.”

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