How to get an on-trend bathroom in 10 easy steps!

Dream bathroom

To help you make your dream bathroom a reality, Les Idées de ma maison has put together a list of 10 styles that you can use as inspiration.

1. Free-floating furniture

Free-floating bathroom vanities are in. Support legs are out! The idea is to make your vanities appear as though they’re floating in the air, to evoke a contemporary minimalist style. Pair them with big column cabinets that you could even build into the wall to free up even more space. Go wild with doorknobs, which can personalize a room, or opt for a simple and ergonomic handle that runs the length or width of the door.

2. The ideal palette

To stay in line with the white toilet, flooring and furniture in light, even grey, wood or wood with pronounced grain is big this season. Lacquer is also featured widely, whether white for a pure look or any shade of grey.

3. Streamlined showers

You can’t have a bathroom without a shower; it’s an essential and functional piece of equipment. White Technogel and teak duckboard for the base are popular right now, as is the sans threshold look, where the flooring is extended right into the shower. Glass panels are micro-profiled to appear even lighter, and showerheads are available in simplified forms whether you prefer gushing jets or a light rain-like sprinkling. Shower columns in inspiring styles with integrated jets (think chromotherapy spa) and LED lights are becoming more and more popular and offer a soothing shower experience.

4. Stylish fittings

What’s fun about faucets is that as well as being an important detail in a design bathroom, they can also double up as works of art. Sculptural, poetic, even sensual styles are in. Finishings are available in polished chrome or matte black, to add a more theatrical touch.

5. Wrap-around baths

Soft and rounded lines take precedence. Freestanding baths are adorned with copper, stainless steel with a titanium finish or soft and voluptuous Corian. If the bath is built in, elements in bamboo or composite material are added, and storage is incorporated for a more functional feel.

6. Beautiful sinks

Inspired by nature and its elements, sinks, that can be carved or sculpted, have become works of art. The once-commonplace immaculate white is slowly being replaced by a drift towards darker shades like matte jet black, golden hues or even touches of marble.

7. Multi-functional accessories

The focus this season is on dual functionality in order to optimize the use of space. For example, a full-length double-sided mirror may be suspended from the ceiling to divide up an open space, a lighting system could be added or mirrored integrated shelves, or a heated towel rack provides both heat and a place to hang towels—ingenious!

8. New materials

Eco-Cement, a blend of resin and cement, is the number one choice for bathroom vanities right now, which introduces an urban look to the space. Finishing materials that are applied with a spatula add a little texture to furniture and walls.

9. Perfect pairings

Plastic and ceramic go well together. Furniture with rounded edges is big these days as the shape brings out the colour of the wood. Unpolished glass counters are on trend especially where embedded sinks are concerned. Playing with transparency and reflection will add a light floaty feel to the space.

10. A real living space

A quiet and relaxing refuge, it is becoming increasingly common for bathrooms to be reinvented as a different kind of living area, especially where space is not an issue. The concept of storage is being redesigned with the room itself or incorporated into a walk-in space that’s been revamped to include modular storage—it doesn’t get more organized than that.

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