10 Quebec dream homes over $900,000


It’s not only in Beverly Hills, London or Paris that you’ll find prestigious properties. Quebec also has its share of dream homes!

DuProprio team has identified 10 Quebec-based dream homes that could be yours…provided you’re willing to spend over $900,000. Click on the photos to see the interior of these dream homes.

Story home in Mont St-Hilaire


The architecture of this house for sale in Mont St-Hilaire is reminiscent of prestigious English manors, don’t you think?

Listed at $1,295,000, it’s backed by an 18-hole golf course and consists of 20 rooms including 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

An exceptional site at Fossambault-Sur-Le-Lac


In addition to standing out due to its eye-catching exterior, this residence in Fossambault-Sur-Le-Lac, near Quebec, conveniently borders Lac-St-Joseph.

Our team was impressed by its wooded grounds of almost 30,000 square feet which, according to the homeowner, offers access to Rivière aux Pins.

Luxury bordering Rivière des Mille-Îles


According to the DuProprio team, we don’t come across this type of property every day.

The rooms are spacious, the finishings are refined, the landscaping is impeccable and it sits along the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles. In short, one look is enough to recognize that this is a true dream home!

Indoor pool in Oka


Being able to swim regardless of the weather or time of year, now that’s a dream come true!

Bordering Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes, this Oka property is listed at $1,195,000.

A dream home for $919,000


Near Oka National Park, this large open concept home isn’t short of windows and seems perfectly integrated in its surroundings.

Our team loved the interior decorating and huge veranda with an integrated spa!

Exceptional architecture in Bromont


This property is entirely unique. You have to see the interior and the perfect harmony between contemporary and traditional elements to truly understand!

Advantageously located near beaches, hiking trails and a downhill ski resort, this dream home could be yours for $995,000.

A stunning decor, charming areas and warmth


We sometimes steer clear of large homes because we find they lack warmth. This isn’t at all the case with this Carignan property. Each room possesses a distinct character that’s highlighted by neat décor. It’s just beautiful!

The backyard, with its in-ground pool and pergola, offer an intimate setting. Check out the photos!

A traditional style home with the conveniences of today


Our team loved this Canadian home where materials such as wood and stone take center stage.

Built on 2 acres of land with mature trees, it’s listed for $1,150,000.

Private beach on Lac Otis


An impressive photo, isn’t it? Go check out the kitchen and the dining room and let us know what you think!

This very large country home, located on Lake Otis, can be used as multi-generational home.

New prestigious residence in Sillery


To conclude this brief tour, our team has chosen a new home in Sillery, a popular area in the region of Quebec.

Listed at $1,589,000, it has stolen our hearts with its contemporary architecture and sleek interior. A luxurious and exciting project!

What’s your dream home?

Now that you’ve seen the photos of these 10 dream homes, tell us which property is your favourite in the Comments space below!

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