Update the look of your bathroom before selling your house

When the time comes to sell your house, the look of your bathroom will play a crucial role. Indeed, an outdated bathroom can discourage buyers and even refrain them from buying your house.






Renovating the bathroom without breaking the bank
If you are short on time or budget and can’t do a complete bathroom transformation, you can easily update the decor by changing the vanity or the faucet.

The steps and the materials needed

– Start by flipping a few decoration magazines or go online to find inspiration. You could create a contemporary bathroom by adding a modern vanity and a vessel sink.

– Make a list of the materials and tools needed for the project.

– You will need basic tools such as a wrench, a utility knife and a drill. You will also use silicone to seal the joints to avoid leaking from the tap.

remplacer vanite salle de bain

Do you need to notify your insurance company?
The renovation of a bathroom involves considerable expenses, but needs to be considered as an investment.
If you feel tempted to do the work on your own, know that the law allows an owner to do most of the work in his residence. However, you are required to inform your insurance company of all works executed and the company will determine if there should be an evaluation at your house. They could demand fixing, ask for a diminution or even the cancellation of your insurance policy.

A step-by-step video
Tutorial videos can guide you through the execution of the task. You will learn how to install a bathroom faucet and how to install a vanity.

If you wish to assign the renovation of your bathroom to a specialist, RONA offers you a turnkey service with the help of a team of certified plumbers.
Complete an application online and one of our experts will contact you within 48 hours. Labor is guaranteed for a year and you could benefit from our flexible and advantageous financing program.

Article sponsored by RONA specialists and RONA L’Entrepôt: rona.ca

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