Top 6 DuProprio moving day tips as seen on Breakfast Television Montreal!

July 1st in Quebec is a day of moving madness: between 200,000 and 250,000 families move at this time of the year!

At DuProprio, we’ve determined that approximately 60% of properties are sold within the first 6 months of the year, which means that many of our clients will be moving within the next few weeks.

Since DuProprio has helped so many people change addresses, the Breakfast Television team at City TV thought that we would have great advice to share with their viewers as they prepare for the big moving day.

And they were right! Our team assembled its best tips and Effie Giannou, our Managing Communications and Marketing Director, was happy to share them on air.

Breakfast Television interview

Click on the image to view the interview given by Effie Giannou, Managing Communications and Marketing Director at DuProprio on moving day tips

  1. Get rid of things you no longer need or value

Moving is hard work – why make it harder by moving items you no longer need or value? Get rid of anything that you could happily live without and take only the furniture and personal items that you hold dear. So many things accumulate in the basement, in the garage or the attic. The move is an excellent opportunity to sort between what you’ve kept for a good reason and what’s cluttering up your life. Give away or sell that clutter, and save all your energy for what matters!

  1. Be clever in your packing!

Instead of going through the effort of accumulating newspapers for packing your dishes and your fragile items, why not kill two birds with one stone by using your own sheets or towels! It is convenient, cheap, and less messy.

  1. Identify everything

Having to open each box and dig to find items can be a huge waste of time. Labeling your boxes with the description of what’s inside will allow you to quickly find what you need. You can also identify which room each box needs to go in and add a post it on the doors of the house to help guide the movers. This will make for a very organised moving day!

  1. Pack up some must-haves

Do not forget the essential survival suitcase. Set aside clothing for the first couple of days, as well as toiletries for every member of the family. Cleaning supplies, a set of tools, blankets and sheets are also must-haves. It can take a little while before everything is in place, the way we like them to be. This tip will make your first few days in your new home a lot more comfortable.

  1. Make sure to turn on your utilities

This might seem obvious but the timing is not always right. You must ensure your utilities are switched on the day before you move in. This includes your power, water, internet, phone, TV and any other utilities that you require. It’s easy and it will allow you to enjoy it as soon as you step foot into your new home.

  1. Take apart everything you can (and save the screws!)

It’s much easier to move furniture in separate smaller pieces than in one whole piece (especially in narrow spots). Get your screwdriver out and take apart tables, bookshelves, beds, etc.  Save the screws and little pieces in a sealed plastic bag and tape it to its corresponding piece of furniture.  This will keep you from losing them and hours of searching. Want even more tips? Our team has released other articles on the topic. Consult them by using the links below and feel free to share your own tricks! We’d love to hear them.

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