«Peace of mind thanks to DuProprio»

Even though it was Marilyn Baril’s first experience selling a property, paying a commission was out of the question.  Her solution: Sell with DuProprio!

Our team gathered her comments in order to get her opinion of DuProprio and to find out what she thought about this new experience.


“Selling a property is stressful. Nothing is less true!”. Marilyn from Brossard saved $10,000 thanks to DuProprio

 How did the sale go with DuProprio?

–    The team is fantastic! The advisors do rigorous follow-ups and give sound advice.  The numerous tools at our disposal like the blog, legal assistance and the expert tips greatly facilitate the task.

How long did it take for you to find your property buyer?

–    Numerous buyers visit the DuProprio.com website and I sold much quicker than I thought I would….in only 49 days!

Is selling commission-free stressful?

-No. Thanks to the numerous services offered by DuProprio: superior quality photos, sound advice in order to properly write my ad, and legal advice to prevent errors. I’m very proud to have taken the sale of my property into my own hands!

What did you love most about the services you received?

–    I really appreciated the follow-ups.  Really, to feel that I was accompanied along the way was nice.  You encouraged me.  There’s also the quality of the photos.  People spoke to us about them a lot.

What is your opinion of DuProprio?

–    I recommend DuProprio because it’s a simple approach and tools are at our fingertips.  It’s really not necessary to use the services of an agent.  We will definitely repeat this experience!

What do you plan to do with the amount saved in commission?

–    We’re going to use the amount saved as a down payment on our home.

And if you had to describe the DuProprio experience in one word, which one would you choose?

– Easy!

You too can sell commission-free!

Learn how to sell commission-free at a free info session or visit our website to learn more about the services offered by DuProprio.

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