Canadiens Hockey Fever Takes Over DuProprio!

The Canadiens are rocking the playoffs and hockey fever hits the DuProprio offices and website like never before!

Canadiens hockey fever takes over DuProprio

Canadiens hockey fever takes over DuProprio

If you ask DuProprio employees to use one word to describe themselves, their answer will be “passionate.”

It’s this passion that drives us to give our very best to our customers and change the face of real estate.

It can be felt in our work, but it is also expressed in all that we hold dear to our hearts, and that includes hockey. And there’s no doubt that hockey resonates deeply with the entire DuProprio team. When the hockey playoff frenzy takes over Quebec, we get carried away and it is with pride that we show off the team’s colors!

In fact, we are so devoted to the Canadiens. That DuProprio has given its website a major overhaul to reflect the hockey fever? Yes, we are that devoted to the cause! Go Canadiens Go!

Montreal Canadiens hockey fever takes over's homepage

Montreal Canadiens hockey fever takes over the DuProprio homepage

Since the inception of the company in 1997, hockey fever always takes over our office this time of year. The frenzy that has currently overtaken Quebec prompted us to display our enthusiasm on our website. Fan loyalty is  everywhere!

DuProprio’s clients are getting Canadiens hockey fever, too!

Look closely at our signs around Quebec and you`ll notice that plenty of them have descriptive add-ons that say “Go Canadiens!”  to go with their For Sale signs! Go Canadiens Go! We`re routing for you, without commission!

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