DuProprio’s Big Open House Event: Hundreds of Home Sellers will Open Their Doors!

DuProprio Big Open House Event 2014 is on May 4

DuProprio’s Big Open House event 2014

On May 4th from 1 pm to 4 pm, hundreds of homeowners across Quebec will be simultaneously opening their doors as part of DuProprio’s Big Open House Event.

This major, one-of-a-kind event, is in its third year and provides an opportunity for buyers to visit and compare several properties in one afternoon .

Quebec open house event that works well

So why should you get involved in the Big Open House Event on May 4th? Because this is the ideal time to buy a home – spring has sprung!

DuProprio’s Real Estate Coach, Martin Desfossés notes that mortgage rates are low and the supply is plentiful. “This is a great opportunity for those looking for a property because there is some choice properties on the market and borrowing conditions remain favorable.”

Big Open House event was the clients’ brainchild

Very convenient for those who are shopping for a new home, the Big Open House event is an exceptional showcasing occasion for homeowners. The concept for this event came from our very own clients.

“About 6 years ago , a group of home sellers from the same neighborhood had agreed to hold open houses on the same day at the same time ,” says Martin Desfossés . The DuProprio team was impressed with the idea and decided that they wanted to be involved in making it happen again but on a more massive scale. We’re talking throughout Quebec. Already this year, over 2,300 homeowners have signed up to take part in DuProprio’s Big Open House event.

So Quebec, are you ready to get your open house on?

Those looking for a new home can visit the Big Open House event page and prepare their itinerary and a list of questions to ask during visits.

And if you plan to sell your home., visit DuProprio.com and see how we can help!

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