6 Things To Do When You Move Into a New Home

Congratulations! You have moved into a new home and are ready to start a new chapter of life. Moving can be very overwhelming, and it can be stressful even through the first few weeks that you’re in your new home.

Although the list of things to do upon moving in is a mile long, below is a list of 6 key things that you should tackle right away.

Set up Your Utilities210314-Arvida-quebec-500935

One of the first tasks on your list should be setting up your utilities to ensure that there is no lapse in service. This includes your power/electricity, water, trash pick up, cable, internet, phone, and any other utilities that you require. Get a list from your realtor or do some online research to find the contact information for all of the service providers and make a few calls. It’s easy, and will make your first few weeks in the new home much more comfortable if you don’t have to go without water, power or internet for a few days.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Before moving in and settling into your space, take advantage of the one and only time that your space will be empty and clean everything including the bathrooms, closets, pantry, cabinets, baseboards, floors, and kitchen appliances. It’s a lot harder to deep clean the kitchen or bathroom if the drawers and cabinets are full—having a blank canvas will allow you to spot dirty areas more easily. It will feel good to start this new chapter of your life in a completely clean and sanitized area.

Secure Your Space

If you are moving your belongings in over time, you really want to install a security system right away. According to security professionals, thieves can often tell when a family is moving their stuff into a home, but not sleeping there, which usually leads to unattended belongings getting stolen. If you are moving things into your home over a period of time and then sleeping at your old home, make sure you take the proper precautions to protect the stuff you have moved in so far.

Purge The Clutter

If you did not have a chance to purge much of your extra belongings when you were packing to move, take this opportunity to purge the clutter in your life as you unpack boxes. If it is not useful, beautiful, or purposeful, you probably do not need it in your life and you can live without it. This will help you to ensure that your new space stays feeling clean, fresh, and new for longer. If you don’t get rid of unnecessary items when you first move in, they will sit in your new house for years.

Meet your Neighbors

One of the best ways for your space to begin to feel like home is to have some familiar faces around. Take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbors and exchange phone numbers or other contact information. From a safety standpoint, it is important for you to have someone looking out for your home who knows you. Neighbors are great at watching out for one another and ensuring that any suspicious activity is reported so that your new home is safe and feels comfortable.


Last but not least, have fun picking out new furniture, draperies, linens, and organizing all of your existing things. This is the time to decide what makes your new space a home, and fill it with things that not only make you happy but also are functional and laid out in a way that makes sense. Your sanity will thank you!


There are many things that you face when you move into a new home, some exciting and some frustrating. Following these 6 steps will ensure that your move is as smooth as possible and get you feeling like you’re at home in no time. Although you might feel frazzled during the move, enjoy this exciting time in your life, and get everything set up how you want it from the beginning.

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This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, finance, women’s interests, or home and family.  Information for this article was provided by Ashley Safe & Security who specialize in home security control systems.

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