SOLD: DuProprio sales up 7%, real estate agents’ down by 8%

In 2013, the number of DuProprio clients who successfully sold their properties increased by 7% over 2012. In contrast, according to an article published yesterday in La Presse Affaires, the number of homes sold by real estate agents decreased by 8% in 2013.

Last year, DuProprio clients sold a total of 12,953 properties.

Is December a good time to sell your home?

Average home value up

The average value of properties sold on increased by 1% from 2012 to $250,000 last year. The average value of homes sold by real estate agents was $227,500 at the end of 2013.

Commission-free: It makes all the difference in a balanced market/

According to Martin Desfossés, real estate sales coach with DuProprio, it’s not surprising to see more home owners opting to sell their homes without a real estate agent, especially considering the state of the real estate market in Quebec. “Sellers want to get the most from their sale, even if they know the market is balanced rather than being strongly in their favor,” says Desfossés. “By not paying commission to an agent, sellers can achieve that goal.”

The secret is simple: A good product, good price, a little exposure… And a bit of patience!

Desfossés warns that, no matter how you choose to sell your home in 2014, it will take longer. Patience, therefore, is a must.

“The key elements to a successful sale are to offer a good product at a reasonable price and to give your sale the visibility it needs to find the right buyer,” he says. “Add to that a little patience, seeing as the market is saturated with homes for sale right now, and you’re sure to have the winning combination!”

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