Most expensive condo ever sold on $2.5 Million!

Roberto Bellini is the young CEO and President & Director of Bellus Health Inc., based in Laval. Earlier this year, Roberto advertised his Westmount condo for sale on, and this month he sold for $2,500,000. That’s the most expensive condo ever sold using DuProprio’s services! We met with Roberto this week to talk about his experience with DuProprio.

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“Getting to deal with buyers directly with no intermediary was the best part of working with DuProprio!”

Roberto Bellini talks with DuProprio

“It makes the experience much easier,” Roberto says. “By speaking to them directly, I knew right away what they liked or didn’t like about the apartment.” Knowing his penthouse sale would attract a lot of attention, Roberto decided to do a careful screening of potential buyers before organizing a visit. “The trick is to interview each potential buyer beforehand with a series of questions that help you evaluate their interest and their seriousness,” he says. “’How long have you been looking? What neighborhoods have you looked at? What other properties have you visited?’—your gut will tell you if the person has a genuine interest.” Another reason why Roberto liked  dealing with buyers directly: “You get to choose who comes to your home.”

“A DuProprio coach helped me figure out a successful game plan to market my condo.”

Roberto wanted to do everything to make his a successful sale. So he called up one of our real estate sales coaches whose experience allows them to adapt their marketing advice for different kinds of sales. The key was to spread the word! “My coach suggested that I send a letter to all the people in my building letting them know that my property was for sale.” This and other tips helped Roberto’s penthouse sale get the exposure he needed to sell.

$2.5 million penthouse sold on DuProprio!

“The negotiation process is faster and easier since it’s one-on-one instead of through a mediator.”

Many people who use DuProprio’s services are nervous about the negotiation process, but Roberto had this piece of advice: “If you’re comfortable negotiating with someone at a flea market, you will do well selling your house.” Okay, okay, we know it’s not exactly the same thing. But Roberto’s point is that you don’t have to get too nervous about it. DuProprio will provide you with all the documents you need to sell your house, and since you can work directly with your buyer, you can easily come to an agreement on what works best for you both.

Roberto Bellini's $2.5 million penthouse sold on DuProprio

“I had a great experience. Everyone at DuProprio was so helpful!”

“All in all, the process went very smoothly,” says Roberto. We’re guessing he’s also pretty pleased with the final amount he saved in commission: $125,000*! Congrats to Roberto for setting a DuProprio record for the most expensive condo ever sold on our website in our 15 year history. That’s a pretty impressive record, and we wish him all the best in his new home! *When compared to an average commission of 5% on the sale price, rounded down to the nearest thousand.

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