9 Advantages of Buying a New Property

9 Advantages of Buying a New Property

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Are you unsure about whether to buy a new property or to turn towards the resale market? Other than the purchase price, there are a number of differences to consider before making such a decision. Let’s go over the advantages of buying a new property:

1. Advantage of Buying a New Property

Choosing the Builder

When you choose to buy a new property, you also get the pleasure of deciding who will build it. Take your time, ask for references, go over the models and visit some of the builder’s past projects to be confident with your choice.

2. Advantage of Buying a New Property

Getting What You Want

Builders usually offer a number of models that you can choose from, allowing you to pick THE unit that best suits your needs. You can even ask the builder to make changes to the original plan once you have selected your unit. You may, for example, request a bigger bedroom or to add a garage.

3. Advantage of Buying a New Property

Modern Architecture

Bored at the sight of the traditional Canadian house? Want to stay away from sheet metal and concrete? A new construction usually means a modern home built with the latest materials.

4. Advantage of Buying a New Property

Greater Energy Efficiency

When builders use the latest in construction materials, they build homes that are more energy efficient. You are sure to save on energy costs, whether it be because of the better isolation or the installation of a geothermal heating system .

5. Advantage of Buying a New Property

A More Practical Space

Newly-built homes are usually much easier to maintain (no carpets, more convenient layout) and have features that are harder to come by in older homes (laundry room, wine cellar, etc.).

6. Advantage of Buying a New Property

Getting To Choose Your Finishings

From hardwood floors, to plumbing fixtures and even the bath tub, you get to choose the finishings that best suit your taste and meet your needs.

7. Advantage of Buying a New Property

Living In a New Development

New homes are usually built in expanding neighbourhoods that are being developed according to the latest standards. You may therefore get to live in an area that is served by bicycle paths or where the power lines are hidden underground.

8. Advantage of Buying a New Property

No Need for Renovations

When you buy a home on the resale market, you will most likely need to do some sort of repair work, even if the property is in good condition. You will want it to suit your taste and make sure that its layout meets your needs. When buying a new construction, you won’t need to take out the hammer for a couple more years.

9. Advantage of Buying a New Property

Getting a Warranty

Reliable builders will show confidence in their product and won’t think twice about offering a warranty. This is a significant advantage for buyers that want peace of mind.

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