8 Ways to Think Like a Homebuyer to Sell Quickly & Profitably

The suggestion that you should think like a buyer when you’re selling your house may sound like a cliché. However, home sellers frequently neglect to take some basic steps that make a property that much more appealing to homebuyers. Here are 8 ways that you can think like a homebuyer in order to sell your home more profitably and quickly.

8 Ways to Think Like a Homebuyer

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1. Curb Appeal and First Impressions

No surprises here: Mow the lawn, weed the beds, wash the windows, clean the gutters, polish the brass, replace your mailbox or plant it in a wooden planter.

If you don’t want to apply a new coat of paint, at least give your house a good wash with a sprayer-attachment.

2. Hardwood Floors

Check under your carpets if you have them. They are all the rage and homebuyers love hardwood floors.

If they are in a sad state, repair them. If they’re in good condition, follow our tips for keeping them in good repair here.

3. Install New Kitchen Appliances – Preferably Stainless Steel

If you have a set budget for improvements, consider investing in new kitchen appliances. They are consistently among the top three features new homebuyers actively seek.

If you want to invest, consider stainless steel. They’re very stylish at the moment and a majority of buyers also cited stainless as their preferred look.

However, keep in mind that these styles can change, so you can also go with classic white, or even black and be safe.

4. Central Air

Back to that home improvement budget: If you have neither stainless steel kitchen appliances nor central air and have to choose one, go with central air.

Central air is the biggest sale-boosting feature among prospective buyers.

5. Beasts

Unfortunately, a lot of people are frightened or annoyed by dogs and many more have allergies to dogs and cats.

Board your furry buddies elsewhere during showings or, at the very least, crate them somewhere away from the action.

As for less adorable life forms, bugs are a sure-fire way to lose a sale in a hurry. Check for pests before a showing.

6. What’s That Smell?

You may have removed your pets, but does the house smell?

Have a trusted friend give your place a literal sniff-test. Offending pet odors are a huge turn off and mildew-y odors put people in mind of dangerous molds, leaky pipes and unstable foundations.

7. Check for Dirty Bathrooms and Kitchens

Obviously the house should be spotless. Pay particular attention to the kitchen(s) and bathroom(s).

Messes in those places become more about an impression of a place’s universal-grossness for a prospective buyer than a raised eyebrow at a free-range dust-bunny.

8. Make Yourself Scarce

There’s one final important thing that should not be present when your house is being viewed: you.

People are uncomfortable peering into your bedroom and closet when you’re hovering near them and may resent what they assume is a perceived pressure your presence represents.
Let your buyers know you’ll be somewhere close if they have questions and then retreat to that place for the remainder of their perusal.

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Frank Bateson is a retired appraiser who is now dipping his toes into blogging. He is considered an expert on Windham NY real estate. When he’s not plugging stationed behind his keyboard, Frank enjoys watching his money flutter down into a pit called “day trading” and lowering his golf handicap.

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