9 Practical Tips for Moving Day

The big day is nearly upon us!  For thousands of Quebecers and many DuProprio clients, July 1st is synonymous with moving.  To help you plan for this challenging day, we’ve got these 9 practical moving day tips to get you through it.

9 Practical Tips for Moving DayThe Day Before the Move

1. Get yourselves ready

This may seem obvious, but do not take this tip lightly.  Moving day is long and tiring, and you’ll have to work hard and efficiently.  You won’t have time to waste closing up last-minute boxes or taking apart furniture, especially if you’re working with professional movers who get paid by the hour!  Remember, too, that while your friends and family may be willing to help you out on Moving Day, it’s not their job to pack your stuff.  It’s kind enough of them to help you move!

2. Place your personal belongings near the exit

They always say to load the moving truck with the heavy things first, like large furniture and home appliances.  Unplug them, and carefully wrap up the electrical wires to avoid accidents.  Leave them, though, in their place (don’t strain your back!).  For your personal belongings, though, gather them all together and place them in an easy to access place, near the door.

3. Don’t make your boxes too heavy

There’s a simple rule: Put heavy objects in small boxes (e.g. books, dishes) and use large boxes for lighter items (e.g. some electronics, CD collection).  Then make sure that each box is carefully closed (with tape!) and well marked so you can identify its contents later. (You wouldn’t want a box to inadvertently spill in the middle of the road…)

4. Take apart everything you can (and save the screws!)

It’s much easier to move furniture in separate smaller pieces than in one whole piece (especially in narrow spots).  Get out your screwdriver and take apart tables, bookshelves, beds, et.s.  Save the screws and little pieces in a sealed plastic bag and tape it to its corresponding piece of furniture.  That’ll keep you from losing them or having to search for them.

5. Wrap things up

Use your towels and sheets for wrapping up your delicate dishware.  It’s less dirty than newspaper and by wrapping this way you’re killing two birds with one stone.  Use your clothes to cushion furniture corners and to wrap delicate objects.

DuProprio I SoldThe Day of the Move

1. Prepare refreshments

Moving demands a lot of physical effort.  For those moving on the 1st of July, you’re probably in for a scorcher of a day.  As a result, you’re going to sweat out a lot of water.  Drink water regularly, and most importantly, don’t wait to drink until you feel thirsty.  By then you are already dehydrated!

2. Keep a tool kit at hand

You will certainly need it, so keep it accessible.  Keep it in the car or on the passenger seat of the moving van.  Consider packing an “emergency kit” with paper towels, toilet paper and some cleaning products.

3. Don’t forget anything before turning over the keys!

Give your emptied home a quick sweep and take advantage of the chance to go over every room and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.  Leave your contact info with the new occupants so that they can get in touch with you in case they find something you left, or if you get any mail.

4. Wait for the beer!

Tradition demands that the person who is moving buys everyone who helped a round of beers.  But please, wait until the end of the day!  Not only should you keep your moving team in tip-top shape, but think also of their safety.  You wouldn’t want someone to lose their balance on the stairs, or the moving van to turn over…

You’ve got a big day ahead of you, but with these tips you will be better prepared to work efficiently.  One last thought: after the move, don’t start emptying your boxes right away.  Relax a bit and hope that a generous soul will invite you over for dinner.

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