Capturing the Québec Style

Quebec Style KitchenOften referred to as a cross between Europe and North America in its cultural identity, Québec reveals the many influences brought to this side of the Atlantic by the 16th and 17th century French settlers.

Predominantly French speaking, this culturally rich province is a tapestry woven with the fibres of its heritage, appreciation of refinement, elegance, fine arts, music, and love of fine dining.  Here are some key elements of the look to help you capture the Québec style in your own home.

A Kaleidoscope of Modern and Antique

With an extraordinary backdrop of natural beauty, the Québécois rejoice in life and living and bring elements of their personality right into the character of their homes.

Much like a kaleidoscope, the typical Québec home features splashes of colour, flea market finds, bold and subtle contrasting elements combining to create a modern and dramatic look. Form and function are fused to make a home liveable, yet aesthetically appealing.

Flea markets are often flooded with shoppers and endowed with an amazing eye for objects of interest, the Québécois frequently bring home something that would enhance a wall, a table, a window, or a space of any sort in their home.

Gracefulness of the French Farmhouse

A house is a home and meant to be lived in. French country styles are incorporated in larger homes. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with many rustic touches.

Use of colors from a neutral palette, pastels, and whites, clean lines, classic French stripes, and sometimes patterned floors define the fundamentals when decorating a home. Textured and weathered wood finishes are used to create interest. Accessories are mixed and matched to lend character and personality.

Natural light plays an important role in a typical farmhouse-style home, allowing the outdoors to come into a room painted in subtle shades that reflect brightness. Crisp whites and greys and natural, earthy tones and textures blend harmoniously with wood to define the French country character.

Wrought iron pieces, such as chandeliers, benches, tables, and chairs further reinforce the farmhouse effect.

Creative and Functional Apartment Interiors

Smart use of space is a fundamental aspect of Québécois design. Clean, simple lines with artful touches liven up the space. Floors are generally wooden, tiled, or a combination and interest is added by the use of area rugs, often picked up at auctions or boutique shops. Modern concepts in design make even small loft or studio apartments seem roomy and spacious. Eclectic, retro, or vintage, each piece falls right into place with the luminous background.

The Appealingly Tasteful Kitchen

The Québécois enjoy the spirit of fine dining and gourmet cooking, making the kitchen a place to fulfil this passion.

A good chef needs the right tools and technology has delivered some fine improvements to create a more efficient cooking and eating space. Bright and airy is, once again, key to a well-designed kitchen.

Deft use of space through cleverly designed closets and cabinets avoids the cluttered look. Contemporary furniture arranged neatly and simply accent elements underlining the individual personality of the occupants, and a bold statement in the form of a colourful backdrop – an accented backsplash, an eye-catching picture, or wall accents that break the neutrality – impart definition to a space.

Understated, yet unmistakably elegant in design and balance, the living space of a Québécois reflects his or her unique personality and presence that extends a warm welcome to visitors.

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