Do You Have the Right Quebec Home Insurance?

Do you have the right Quebec home insurance plan?Whether you own a house or a condo or are renting your home, you will need Quebec home insurance. Other than basic fire, theft, vandalism, water damage and civil liability coverage, your insurance contract could cover different types of risk at varying degrees. But does it take your real needs into account?

You own a lavish home, but few items of great value (i.e. works of art, jewelry, furs, wine cellar)? On the other hand, you live in a modest home but own some unusual items that only get limited coverage by most Quebec home insurance policies?

Whatever your situation, your insurance policy should cover the property you own, no more, no less. This way, you would avoid paying for unnecessary premiums.

For a long time, insurance companies only offered predetermined coverages that provided more than what the clients actually needed. Now, the trend is to offer personalized insurance contracts that allow clients to choose the coverage they need at the right price.

Tailored and flexible home insurance at the price you want

With the help of your damage insurance agent, you are the person best-suited to choose the level of coverage that suits your needs, while still being adequately covered for the usual basic risks.

You can get different levels of coverage:

Basic – for good coverage at minimal cost
Basic Plus – for comprehensive coverage of the building and a basic coverage of its contents
Enhanced – the best coverage on the market, for the building as well as its contents

Plus, since water damage is among the leading causes of losses, looking into the types of coverages available might be interesting so you can pick the one that suits you best. Here are a few possible scenarios:

Your basement is not yet finished or furnished?
It may be more prudent to choose a more modest coverage amount for surface water or sewer backup.

You live on the 8th floor of a condominium building and don’t keep anything in storage?
You probably don’t need surface water or sewer backup damage coverage.

Your basement is fully finished like the rest of the house?
Make sure the coverage amount that applies to your property is enough to cover the replacement of property, repairs to the building and even the cost of demolition or landscaping (i.e. foundation drain blockage).

Don’t hesitate to ask your representative for advice! You’ll be guided through your coverage options, and who knows, your representative might even raise potential situations you had not previously thought of.

Legal Access Insurance: the perfect complement to a good home insurance

Buying your first home? Been a homeowner for several years already? Are you renovating your home? Having a place you can call your home is really special, isn’t it?

But the life of a homeowner is not always as rosy as it may seem. It can, for example, have its share of legal problems. Trouble with the neighbours, latent defects in your home, a breach of a sales contract or problems with a contractor: these things don’t just happen to other people!

For peace of mind, add Legal Access Insurance to your Quebec home insurance plan. For a few extra dollars, you’ll know that, should the need arise, you have the option to consult a lawyer or be represented in court without having to pay all the costs.

DuProprio offers free legal telephone assistance to all its clients, in partnership with La Capitale General Insurance.

If you plan on buying or selling a home, visit today.

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