How to Sell an Empty Home

How to sell an empty home

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Many owners wonder how to sell an empty home if they move before selling or are prone to flipping houses. Will buyers see the potential? Should the home be furnished for a minimum amount of time to complete the sale? Will a seller still be able to get the best price?

These are legitimate questions. However, selling an empty home is not necessarily more difficult – you just need to prepare accordingly.

Here are some tips on how to sell an empty home.

1. Apply a fresh coat of paint to each room

We associate the smell of fresh paint with a home that is well-maintained. Thus, by choosing to paint, you have the opportunity to correct minor cosmetic defects that have occurred over time and you will give potential buyers the impression that the home is well-kept and clean.

Put aside your personal tastes and choose neutral colors that will showcase the room and give a better impression of the space.

2. Enhance the attractiveness of the property

If you want to know how to sell an empty home without furniture, it is especially important that the home not look abandoned. Maintain the landscaping like mowing the lawn and making sure you hide any exterior visible defects.

Inside, ensure that the lighting works well everywhere – do not give the impression that the property has been neglected. Do any minor repairs that are needed (like correcting marks on the walls, fixing cabinets that do not close properly, etc.).

It’s important to also consider that the dust that accumulates will be more easily visible in an empty house, so before any visits from potential buyers, sweep the floors, dust counters and other surfaces, and ensure that the insides of cabinets are clean.

3. Keep room dimensions close at hand

An empty home can sometimes give the impression that it is larger, which is why some buyers will struggle with getting a good idea of ​​the potential size of a place. Take note of all of the room sizes and give them to visitors as needed.

4. Establish a reasonable selling price

The property is not worth less because it is empty – establish the market value of your home and make sure to set a selling price that is competitive. An evaluation report can help you demonstrate the value of your property to a buyer who may attempt to negotiate a lower price.

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