DuProprio Celebrates 15 Years of Commission-Free Real Estate Success!

DuProprio celebrates 15 years of commission-free real estate success!To celebrate its 15 years of commission-free real estate services, DuProprio relives its 15 greatest moments over the years.

DuProprio celebrates 15 years of commission-free real estate


1. DuProprio is created by a 21-year-old entrepreneur

Equipped with a simple cell phone, a giant one by today’s standards, and a personal computer, Nicolas Bouchard founded DuProprio in December 1997. He was only 21 years old and had no idea that the his novel way of doing real estate was going to revolutionize the industry!

To date, the now pan-Canadian company has helped over 125,000 homeowners sell their home without commission.

2. DuProprio on a crusade to democratize property

Helping people to successfully sell their homes and pay themselves the commission has always been the number one priority for DuProprio. And to fulfill this mission, the company provided homeowners and buyers with the tools and information they needed to complete the transaction without the involvement of a real estate agent.

So our team has created several real estate platforms for disseminating information or to offer new services, including Rental.DuProprio.com (2006), New.DuProprio.com (2007 ) and Blog.DuProprio.com/en (2012).

Nicolas Bouchard wins award for DuProprio's success

3. DuProprio becomes a “success story” in Quebec

There is no marketing tool that is more powerful than word of mouth, and that is exactly how DuProprio came to be a household name throughout Quebec. Clients who successfully sold their homes told everyone and their mother about the great service provided and the commission saved and people of all ages began climbing aboard the commission-free train.

The number of properties sold and satisfied customers had grown so rapidly from 2007 to 2008 that DuProprio was recognized as a growth leader in Canada.

The company has grown dramatically in 2012 alone that Nicolas Bouchard was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada.

DuProprio celebrates 15 years in commission-free real estate - HDR photos

4. DuProprio develops a new technology for unmatched quality photos

If you ask may of clients what they enjoy immensely about DuProprio and you will likely hear a few mention that they love the quality of our photos. So… what’s our secret?

Simply enough, it’s a technology called HDR (high dynamic range) that makes pictures seem almost lifelike! DuProprio was the first real estate company to offer this technology to all clients in 2009 and received many accolades for doing so.

5. DuProprio creates new jobs for real estate pros

Did you know that DuProprio helps and supports home sellers throughout the sale of their property?
In the mid-2000s, we created a job entitled “Real Estate Coach” that essentially defines a specialist in real estate marketing who is there to support and guide clients in order to ensure that they are successful in selling their home.

Today DuProprio is proud to have a team of coaches who provide advice to home sellers across the country!

DuProprio offers clients legal assistance from La Capitale6. DuProprio teams up with La Capitale general insurance to offer peace of mind to its customers

For those who have never conducted a real estate transaction, the purchase offer can be the most unsettling aspect of the sale. We found a way to help our customers see things in a more simplified light.

So in 2009, DuProprio became the first company to offer legal assistance over the telephone giving home sellers free access to lawyers until the transaction is notarized.

This service, offered in partnership with La Capitale general insurance, allows customers to sell their home without commission, and with peace of mind.

7. DuProprio becomes the largest commission-free real estate network in Canada

In September 2010, DuProprio acquired four businesses across Canada in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, and became the largest commission-free real estate network in Canada.

Subsequently, Canadian home sellers gained access to the expertise and strength of a real estate network that stretches from coast to coast.

8. DuProprio puts innovation in the hands of home sellers!

Developing the best tools to sell a home without commission is a constant goal for our team.

DuProprio has constantly put technology at the service of its customers. It was the first real estate company to introduce HDR photography, a search by map option via Google Maps and Google Street View, a web TV property and Apple and Android mobile applications to find properties for sale with ease.

9. DuProprio revamps its image

Do you remember that the original DuProprio logo was a traffic light?

Designed by the founder’s brother, the same logo was used until 2011. After DuProprio became a pan-Canadian company, however, DuProprio needed to revamp its image in order to ensure recognition around the country.

The need for change produced the colorful house logo that we know and love today.

10. CAA-Québec regards DuProprio as a safe and trusted company

With a customer satisfaction rate of 94%, DuProprio became the first (and only) real estate sales service recommended by CAA-Quebec. This recognition is given to companies that have demonstrated their reliability and are worthy of the trust of consumers.

The CAA survey also showed that 99% of customers are willing to recommend DuProprio’s services!

DuProprio celebrates 15 years - reaches 100,000 properties sold milestone

11.DuProprio passes the 100,000 properties sold mark

For each house sold without commission, there are thousands of dollars that go directly into the pockets of the home sellers. Can you imagine the commissions pocketed from 100,000 home sales?

DuProprio reached this milestone in September 2011. Barely a year after reaching this historical mark, the number of properties sold through the network has already tipped the 125,000 point.

12. DuProprio becomes a must for Canadian buyers

Visibility is a key to success when it comes to home sales. In 2012 the amount of properties displayed on DuProprio reached an all-time high!

For the first time in its history, DuProprio surpassed 5 million monthly visits on its network, making it the second most-visited real estate website in Canada – second only to REALTOR.ca. In total, 50 million visits were recorded on its network in 2012 alone.

DuProprio celebrates 15 years - named Inspirational Employer of the Year 2012

13. DuProprio named Inspirational Employer of 2012 in Quebec

Ask employees what motivates them to come to work and they will all have the same response: we want to see our clients succeed!

A survey found that 98% of employees believe strongly in the goals of the company and are willing to do their best to help homeowners sell.

With these impressive results, l’Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines (CRHA) awarded DuProprio with its Inspirational Employer of the Year in 2012 for excellence in management practices in human resources.

14. DuProprio builds new offices to support its expansion

To serve thousands of homeowners and help them sell, you need a large team! During the summer of 2012,

DuProprio began the construction of new offices in the Quebec City area to accommodate some of its over 300 employees (there were only five in early 2000!).

The rest of the team can be found in our other business locations including Montreal, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, and Hamilton.

15. DuProprio celebrates 15 years of success, without commission

DuProprio measures its success by the success of its clients. That’s why we are celebrating our 15th anniversary and celebrating the over 125,000 properties that were sold commission free through our services.

By working with these owners, we have developed an unparalleled expertise in the real estate industry. Today, we are proud to offer the most efficient service and the most reliable way to sell a home without commission in Quebec.

We would like to thank all the home sellers and buyers who, for over 15 years, have stood by us and reiterated our services to family and friends over the years. We thank you and tip our hats to you.

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