December: A good time to sell your home?

Is December a good time to sell your home? The arrival of December usually means a dip in the housing market. However, sellers shouldn’t see this as a bad time to sell their home.

On the contrary, December is a good time to sell your home due to the fact that fewer properties are actually sold, therefore potential buyers are spending more time on the market. This means more visitors to your property and more potential offers down the road.

Here, now, are the top four reasons why December is a good time to sell your home, and why you shouldn’t wait until the spring.

1- The housing market is favorable in December

Low interest rates and a booming economy (everyone loves to spend around the holidays) mean that December is a good time to sell your home, and the perfect time for you to get the price you want and a quick sale.

Of course, this perfect harmonization of rates and soaring economy won’t last forever, and no one can really determine when it will start or when it will end. The key is to pay attention to both as best you can, and don’t be afraid of a little cold weather in December when you’re selling your home.

2- You can still show your property without snow

Just because your property is covered in snow, doesn’t mean a buyer won’t see its potential. If your landscaping is your biggest selling point, don’t despair, December is still a good time to sell your home.

You just have to plan ahead.

Make sure you have great photos of your property before the snow falls, and make sure you have those on hand for any and all visitors who drop by once the snow has fallen and covered up all your hard curbside work.

3- Take advantage of holiday visitors

The holiday season is the perfect time to bring in out-of-town potential buyers. Your neighbours, family and friends will surely be stopping by, and having a DuProprio “For Sale” sign in your front yard will surely attract them.

Friends and family like to stick together, so selling your home in December makes it a great time to bring in visitors who have dreamed of living in your neighbourhood.

4- Be prepared for January’s buyers

While the time just before and after Christmas tends to be a no-spending period for most, come January that will all change again. So, while you might not get any offers in before Christmas or even New Year’s, December is a good time to sell your home because you can take the opportunity to show off your home and attract those potential buyers.

Gauge visitor reactions, hear their opinions and take the time before January to make any interior or exterior changes, or even do a few renos.

When January rolls around and buyers are ready to sign on the dotted line, your marketing efforts in December will have paid off.

If you’re ready to sell, visit DuProprio today.

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