First in real estate: DuProprio launches backlit ‘FOR SALE’ signs

DuProprio introduces backlit FOR SALE signsThe winter darkness will no longer be a problem when trying to shed light on your listed property. The new backlit ‘FOR SALE’ signs designed by DuProprio allow you to attract the attention of potential buyers at night just as easily as during the day.

This tool was developed for condo owners who cannot install a sign outside to indicate that their residence is for sale. The backlit ‘FOR SALE’ sign is placed inside the residence and remains visible even after the sun goes down.

The backlit sign: A tool to maximize your chances of selling

A survey of DuProprio customers shows that one in five houses sell due to the visibility of the ‘FOR SALE’ sign in front of the property. Condo owners can now take advantage of this asset to maximize their chances of finding a buyer.

An exclusive tool launched with great response

The launch of the backlit sign comes at a time of the year when the days get shorter and it is harder for houses for sale to be seen. The DuProprio site can be immersed in darkness but these backlit signs can shed some light on the property.

To order a backlit sign or for additional information on this product, please call 1-866-387-7677.

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