4 Tips for Decorating Your First Condo

Tips for decorating your first condo

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After seeing the notary, passing the inspection, and dealing with the bank as well as the offer to purchase, the fun begins. You can finally take possession of your first condo and decorate it to your taste.

But before you go ahead and let loose spending money, make a serious plan and use these recommendations that will help you make good choices in terms of tips for decorating your first condo.

1. Look into the future

Before doing what you have to do, take out your crystal ball and look into the future. Are you going to live in this place for a long time? Are your needs going to change in a short period of time or over a longer period of time?

The answers to these questions will influence the choices you are going to make for furniture, accessories, and colours. Will this be something permanent or something temporary?

For example, if you plan on staying in the condo for a couple of years and then plan to buy a house, you should limit your expenses by buying economical furniture and only a few accessories, because when you move into your new house you’ll be starting all over again. Therefore it makes sense to be modest with your spending.

The solution could be to keep your actual furniture and choose neutral tones that will put a little life in the condo without turning off future buyers that will be looking at your place when you list it on the market in a few years.

If you plan on staying for awhile in that condo, opt for more durable and solid materials, and for the rest, unleash your creative side for the decor. But do not give in to all the latest fashion accessories – these will go out of style.

2. Use the space effectively

Your first condo might not be a palace – think practically when shopping for your decor.

Do you really need to have an entire office or can you just have a corner computer? Can you live with just an eating nook or do you need a whole kitchen and dining area? Manufacturers now offer furniture designed for small spaces – take advantage of this.

The idea is to be creative and use the space that you have in an efficient manner so that your condo is functional and comfortable.

Finally, be careful not to overload your condo. An overabundance of accessories sometimes gives the impression that the rooms are small.

3. Decorate gradually

When you decorate your first condo, empty walls and spaces are unattractive. Take the time before decorating your new condo to choose accessories that will pass the test of time.

Keep in mind that you will already have many expenses that go along with becoming a property owner, therefore go piece by piece. Over time, you will have the opportunity to find objects that you really like and make your decor more original.

4. Dress the windows

Blinds and curtains are expensive, but sometimes, when they are chosen carefully, they bring a lot of character to a room. Dressing the windows is also essential for privacy, so do not delay in incorporating these.

Arrange your curtains and enjoy pieces that add a touch of color and will bring life into your home.

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