The Best Day to List a Home for Sale

What is the best day to list your home for sale?

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Many sellers would like to know: when is the best day to list a home for sale? According to a recent study that took into account more than one million advertisements of homes for sale in 16 different markets, as well as Creative Real Estate Online, the best day to list a home for sale is a Friday. Here’s why.

Friday listings are widely seen

When houses are put on the market on a Friday they tend to be seen by a larger audience. That’s because a lot of people take the time to peruse the internet and catch up on emails on that specific day of the week. Creative Real Estate Online reports that Friday listings are 18% more likely to be viewed by buyers than listings on any other day. Therefore, Friday is the best day to list a home for sale.

Friday listings = Weekend visits

Potential buyers who are checking out properties for sale on a Friday will often go and see those houses at some point on that weekend. “Friday listings are fresh in the mind of the buyer when making weekend plans, so they are most likely to visit those homes over the weekend,” explains Creative Real Estate Online. Saturday and Sunday are then, in turn, the two best days for home sale visits – on those days, sellers can expect almost double the amount of visits than on a weekday.

Properties are bought quicker

According to Creative Real Estate Online, Friday listings are 12% more likely to sell within 90 days. This could be a reflection of the aforementioned trend that Friday listings result in more weekend visits (and hence make Friday the best day to list home for sale) – after all, more house viewings means a better chance of snagging that perfect buyer.

Potential homebuyers always want to be the first ones to see a newly-listed property as well, so if you decide to post your ad on a Friday, you can almost guarantee that buyers are anxiously waiting to pounce on your listing and be the first to inquire about the home.

Also, homebuyers will visit homes in the order that they were put on the market, going to see the newly-listed properties first and then working their way down the list. A new Friday post is always the most appealing, making it the best day to list a home for sale.

Asking prices are met

Creative Real Estate Online found that Friday listings (as well as Thursday listings) are often finalized closer to the listing price than deals that take place on any other day during the week. That means less negotiating (read: hassle) and more money in your pocket. And when you sell your home using our services, you also save on commission.

So, in other words, a Friday is the best day to list a home for sale on DuProprio and it’s also the best way to sell your house quickly while making a profit.

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