How to Know if you Have a Serious Buyer

How to know if you have a serious buyer

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Everyone who visits a property for sale is not necessarily going to make an offer. This can be frustrating for sellers to show their homes over and over again without offers, however, it is part of the selling process and completely normal.

It’s important to realize that there are certain things you can look for to determine whether or not you have a serious buyer on your hands or just the dreaded browser.

If you want to help determine if you have a serious buyer, you simply need to ask the potential client (and yourself) a few questions.

1- Does my home meet all their needs?

Before agreeing to a home visit, ask the potential buyer if they’ve looked at your listing in completion and verified that your home meets all their needs (number of rooms, square footage, location, etc.).

Property needs aren’t the only red flags for serious buyers; consider asking potential visitors when they hope to take possession of your property. If they want to move in a soon as possible and you plan on being there for the next six months, then it’s not a good match.

There may also be other “extras” buyers hope to negotiate or get from you. If you definitely don’t want to sell your appliances with your property, consider telling buyers upfront so neither of you are left with hopes that won’t be met.

2- Are they financially ready?

Another way to find out if you have a serious buyer on your hands is to ask if they’ve been preapproved for a mortgage that works with the price you are selling your property at. A serious buyer will know this right away because s/he has met with their financial institution to determine the price of the property they can afford.

However, be careful. Simply knowing the amount they’re preapproved for doesn’t necessarily make them a serious buyer. Also, consider asking if they are already property owners.

3- When can you refuse a visit?

You are, after all, selling your home so you can decide who sees your property and when. However, refusing a visit means you could potentially be losing a sale. If you feel like buyer visits are taking up too much time, or you’re seeing too many browsers and not enough serious buyers, consider setting up an open house.

An open house allows you to organize one time in the week when you can invite all potential buyers to your house at once to find that one serious buyer who’ll make you a stellar offer.

Selling your home is serious business, so don’t let “being nice” get in the way of getting the price you want for your home. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be a cold, hard seller, just that you have every right to select who sees your home and when by using the above tips to find out if you have a serious buyer on your hands or not.

Selling is as much of a leap as buying and should be taken just as seriously by both the seller and the buyer.

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