4 Ways to Attract Buyers with Pictures of Your Home

Attract buyers with pictures of your home

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Pictures of your home are the potential buyer’s first contact with your property when you’re trying to sell, and that’s why it’s so important to have quality photos of the interior and exterior.

You want to display the very best qualities of the home you are trying to sell, and as they say: A picture is worth a thousand words (and potentially thousands more dollars in your pocket after the sale).

To better help you in your sale, here are four ways to attract buyers with pictures of your home, straight from our DuProprio photographers.

1- Perfect the curbside photo

The curbside picture of your home needs to show your entire home and, if possible, a portion of your surrounding property and even the street in front of your house. This lets the buyer see that your landscaping is complete and that the street and curb is in good condition.

Make sure your property is clean, that the grass is cut (and at its greenest!), and your driveway is clear and cared for (park cars in the garage or away from the house and store your garbage and recycling bins).

If you live in a condo, make sure you clear your balcony and make sure your windows are clean and clear to really attract buyers with pictures of your home.

2- Photo order is key

Internet users have very short attention spans, even when they’re shopping for a new home. To really attract buyers with pictures of your home (and keep them interested long enough), consider the order in which you present your photos.

Put the most attractive photos first, and consider the aspects of your property that will be the most sought after and put those near the beginning too. If you really want to highlight your property’s recently renovated basement or the gigantic walk-in closet, don’t leave those pictures of your home till the end.

The order of the pictures of your home could also simulate how a real life walk-around in your home would be and is a good way to attract buyers.

3- Photo quality is important

All photos tend to be judged on their clarity, color and even lighting. These criteria apply to the pictures of your home as well, so you need to be vigilant about photo quality.

Portraying your home as it looks in real life is key. DuProprio photographers use something called HDR (High Dynamic Range) to create the most realistic pictures of your home.

To attract buyers with pictures of your home, DuProprio photographers take photos of your home in different lighting situations and at different times of the day to find the best lighting to showcase your property.

The most attractive photos are then selected, and the colors are enhanced to make your home look the best it can. Homeowners and pets should not be seen in property photos when you are trying to attract buyers with pictures of your home.

4- How many photos is too many?

The number of photos you need to attract buyers with depends on the type of property you’re selling. For example, if you’re trying to attract buyers with pictures of your home and you have a two-bedroom condo, you’ll need fewer photos than if you have a family home with a recently renovated basement.

As a general rule, ensure you have a photo of each room, the front of the house and the backyard.

Ask for a photographer’s help

When you chose DuProprio, one of our photographers will be sent to take the best pictures of your home. Contact us to see how we can help you sell your property without paying commission.

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