6 Things Home Buyers Hate

Things home buyers hate

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As a seller you want to really get “into the mind” of the buyer and present your listing in such a way that it is interesting and attractive – and there are a number of things that home buyers hate when looking for a property.

The listing is the first tool in attracting potential buyers and you want to make a great impression, and that means trying to avoid these six things that home buyers hate.

1- The embarrassing visit

You don’t want a buyer who is coming to your home to feel uncomfortable or like they are inconveniencing you in any way, and a teenager in pajamas noshing on Kraft dinner or a grandmother who is napping and is awoken when you try and show them her bedroom can really turn a potential home buyer off. It’s one of those things home buyers hate, so make sure you look like you’ve planned accordingly for the visit.

2- Having to call to ask the price

A listing should provide buyers with a price – there’s nothing home buyers hate more than having to call a seller to inquire about figures. If they don’t even know what price bracket the house falls into, they may skip over the listing entirely.

3- Useless photos

If your listing includes a number of pictures of seemingly useless or less important spaces, such as closets or storage areas rather than photos of main living areas like the master bedroom or kitchen, it may cost you a sale. Make sure your listing includes images of all pertinent areas of the homes, every room, as well as the exteriors of the front and back of the property.

4- Unflattering photos

A room can look completely different from two opposing vantage points, so take a number of images of every room to ensure that you capture the space at its best. Home buyers hate to see a room that looks too dark, cluttered, or small. An article by Justin Havre of Justin Havre & Associates in Calgary said, “It may be useful to take a few steps back or use a wide-angle lens to give the viewer more context and makes your home seem more spacious.”

5- Not enough details about the property

You have ample opportunities to inform possible buyers in your listing, so take advantage of this! No one wants to have to make a number of follow-up calls while house-hunting. The description of your house is used for three things: to inform people, to provide information that cannot be seen in the photographs, and to “talk up” the property. Do all three.

6- The salesman

No one likes an obnoxious car salesman, and one of the things home buyers hate is meeting this undesirable character during a home sale. There’s no need to be pushy or overbearing – a well-planned listing and house visit is what will ultimately sell your property in the end.

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