5 Home Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring home maintenance tips

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The warm weather has already descended on Quebec (cue the applause), and the time has come to do some home spring maintenance work.

Not only will this help you sustain the state of your property but it can also add major selling value to your house – a well-kept and manicured home has a better chance of attracting potential buyers as well as garnering you offers that are closer (or even exceed) your asking price.

If you’re looking to take on some home spring maintenance work, then follow these easy steps and give your house the sprucing up it needs to be the most desirable property on the block.

1- Make a to-do list

Go on a tour of your property and take note of any repairs or cleaning that is required. Winter may have wreaked havoc on your yard, front or back, as well as the structure of your home, fence, and more, so make a list of home spring maintenance work that is needed to get your home in tip-top shape.

Also, put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer and try to look at your property through their eyes. Identify what would make you, as a purchaser, hesitate in making an offer on the home or condo. Then find a way to correct those problems.

2- Look at the property

If you are preparing for home visitors, ensure that the exterior, as well as the interior, is in good condition and accurately reflects the listing price. Pick up any debris left from the melting of snow, sweep the sand and gravel built up on the grass and/or walkway, uncover the trees and bushes, clean up flowerbeds and remove weeds or dead plants that didn’t survive the cold, and do home spring maintenance work on the pool and surrounding areas.

3- Entrance, porch and balcony

Every area should get a little TLC, so take down the car port, tidy up the entryway and/or balcony (if you live in a condo), clean the driveway by removing oil marks and then reapply a sealer to bring back the luster of the asphalt. Chipped paint on an exterior can also be an eyesore and should be touched up.

4- Windows and doors

Potential buyers will always check entry points like windows and doors, so clean accumulated dirt on both. Double-check the state of the windows and do paint detailing if necessary. Fix any problems with windows and door as part of your spring maintenance work right away because they will be a part of the home inspection.

5- Exterior of the house

Materials like PVC or brick should be cleaned (with a pressure cleaner), which will add curb appeal. Check the state of the roof, the gutters and the siding as well as remove any debris. Replace burnt lightbulbs in the entrance, pathway or backyard. Replace the screens and fix any that are broken.

If you put your property for sale on DuProprio during the winter take new pictures in the spring so that you can show the house and the exterior without layers of snow.

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