5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying or Selling A Home

A home is the biggest single item you’ll ever buy or sell, and it’s a huge undertaking – there’s a lot to know as well as common mistakes to avoid when buying or selling a home. The following advice can not only save you money, but a lot of headaches, too.

Here are five mistakes to avoid when buying or selling a home.

1. A lie is a lie

There’s no two ways about it – sellers need to be perfectly honest about the condition of their property. As a real estate article on MSN pointed out, if a seller were to lie about the state of their house and it can be proved that they knowingly weren’t upfront about something, a wronged buyer could sue for damages.

For example, “If a purchaser who has children is buying a home and the seller knows there has been lead (paint) discovered in the home, God forbid a child gets sick, you’re going to have a serious lawsuit on your hands,” said real estate attorney Edward A. Mermelstein.

2. Seek out professional help

If you’re looking for someone reliable to count on for trusted advice on the entire process, notaries can be good advisors for both sellers, as well as buyers, and will help to point out mistakes to avoid when buying or selling a home.

A notary will be able to process the transaction, and they can also draft the Purchase and Sale contract, as well as provide legal advice to both sides of the sale. Ask friends and family who have dealt with a notary for a reference.

3. Have the right paperwork

One thing that can quickly halt the selling of a home is incorrect paperwork. Avoid delays (that could cause penalties) and visit DuProprio.com for all of the necessary forms that are needed for various transactions – they are prepared by certified lawyers and it is a free service for clients.

4. Get a thorough once- (and twice-) over

A dependable inspector is something that the buyer and even the seller should have. It’s crucial that the seller know well in advance of listing their home whether or not there are any major structural problems with their property.

But it’s also incredibly important (and sometimes required by financial institutions prior to granting a mortgage) that the buyer have an inspection done, too. This is a costly mistake to avoid when buying or selling a home.

5. Ensure you’re insured

Even after you’ve sold your home, there may still be responsibilities that are under your jurisdiction for a period of time afterward – however, when your property is sold using our services, clients enjoy free legal protection insurance against legal action due to hidden defects.

With benefits of up to $5,000 and protection for 12 months after signing the deed of sale for your property, you’re safeguarding yourself from a pivotal mistake to avoid when buying or selling a home.

Visit DuProprio.com today to learn how you can buy or sell a home without paying commission.

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